Access to the hotel Le Bourbon

Exit A64 after the roundabout direction PAU CENTRE, Allées Catherine de BOURBON then Allées Condorcet, then Avenue DUFAU, then take rue Carnot direction Place des 7 cantons, then turn left rue Émile Guichenne and first right rue Samonzet at the crossroads straight on rue Gambetta, then rue Léon Daran and first right, rue des Orphelines and entrance to Parking Clémenceau.

The hotel is located on Place Clémenceau.

Secure underground parking is available under Place Clemenceau.

To access the hotel with the G.P.S / Take the rue Louis BARTHOU and then enter the underground car park Clemenceau whose entrance is in the middle of the road.

To leave your luggage in front of the hotel

Take rue Louis Barthou and turn left into the alleyway and go down to the terminal. Press the button on the intercom and signal that you are going to the Hôtel le Bourbon. 20 metres further on is the entrance to the hotel.

Means of transport

BICYCLE rental service: IDE CYCLE
15 rue Lamothe, 64000 PAU

FEBUS BUS LINE with free parking.
Address: Clinique et Catherine de Bourbon at the entrance of PAU

Car pooling area:

Place de Verdun 64000 PAU

Parking of the MERCURE Hotel 64000 PAU

Car park of the LECLERC shopping centre 64000 PAU

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